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Pop smoke jacket:

The original Pop Smoke jackets are considered a classic, made from thick, high-quality materials that were 100% made in the USA. Pop Smoke hoodies are created using high-quality materials that are 100% pre-shrunk cotton, along with the company logo on the back of these black hoodies. This is why so many people purchase these items.

No matter what the weather is like, he always wears his favorite Pop SmokeĀ  jacket. So, who is this mysterious person?

What’s wrong with having a smoke jacket, you ask? Nothing. But what is wrong is he goes outside with it on. This man works in the office at Old Navy Headquarters and has for over twenty years now. However, he hasn’t taken off his jacket since working there.

He first showed up at the company picnic, wearing his white shirt, skinny black tie, denim slacks, and of course, Pop Smoke Merch. He was timid at the picnic, hardly talking to anyone except the executives. They found out later that he had just relocated from Canada. After that day, nobody saw him for a while until he showed up again with the smoke jacket on one day. Nobody talked to him or questioned him about it, afraid of scaring him off.